Verficiation of Competency

Verfication of Competency



Government contracts often require companies to show Verification of Competency (VOC) when applying for tenders because they want to ensure that the company they are hiring has maintained the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the job safely and effectively.


DNA Training Solutions has a large range of qualified Trainers and Assessors in civil, arboriculture and horticulture industries with experience in WHS/OHS. DNATs has been providing our clients with VOC's support to assist in applying for government tenders and formally acknowledge the currency of skills. Our trainers travel Australia Wide to your workplace to help provide VOC assessment in the workplace.


By requiring VOC as part of the tendering process, government agencies can ensure that the companies they hire have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform the job, and that they are compliant with regulatory requirements and industry standards. This helps to ensure that the work is completed safely, on time, and to the required standard, which is in the best interest of the government, the company, and the public.


The purpose for companies to engage a training organisation to confirm Verification of Competency (VOC) for staff is to ensure that employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their job safely and effectively. VOC is a process that assesses the competency of an employee to perform a specific task or operation. It is often used to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements or industry standards.


The benefits of DNATs providing VOC for your staffs specific workplace tasks include:

  1. Compliance with regulations and standards: Many industries and regulatory bodies require that employees demonstrate their competency through VOC assessments. Staying compliant and upto date with these requirements.

  2. Improved safety: Ensuring that employees have the necessary skills and knowledge to perform their job safely can help prevent accidents and injuries in the workplace. The VOC's help demonstrate that the organisation has invested in keeping their staff aware of the OHS/WHS risks as a control meassure.

  3. Improved performance: VOC can identify gaps in employee knowledge or skills, which can then be addressed through training and development programs that DNATs provide in a report at completion of the observations. This can lead to improved employee performance and productivity.

  4. Increased confidence: Having a third-party organisation confirm the competency of your staff can increase confidence in the skills and knowledge of your employees, both within your organisation and with external stakeholders such as clients and regulatory bodies.


Overall, engaging DNATs to conduct VOC for staff is an important step in ensuring the safety and effectiveness of your workforce, as well as maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards.


DNATs provide an official report included in the VOC Assessment fees which will aid your organisation demonstrate compliance and safety regulations. If further training is required we can offer a range of options to best suit your staff and organisations needs. 


We tailor each quote depending on what your organisation needs and location. Book an review or find out more information by contacting us on 03 9070 1111 or email us at



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