FWPFGM3212 – Fell Trees Manually (Intermediate)

This unit of competency describes the outcomes required to assess, plan and safely carry out manual tree-felling operations using a chainsaw.

This unit covers the felling procedures for trees with a level of complexity that requires significant tree assessment and practical felling skills.

Persons competent in this unit should be able to effectively fell most trees except very large trees, and/or those with significant defects and/or characteristics that cause excessive complexity.

It applies to trees that have a diameter greater than the bar length of the chainsaw.

Trees typical to the scope of this unit may include the following characteristics:

lean and weight distribution, which can be assessed and readily adapted to falling direction with the use of wedges and/or control with hinge-wood
various dimensions relative to local forest size distribution
limited visible damage or defect
species prone to free splitting and adverse reactions during felling
single or multi-stems
diameter of tree greater than chainsaw bar length
grown on terrain and slope that can add complexity to the operation
The unit applies to a non-production environment, including forest, rural and community environments.