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UET20319 - Certificate II in ESI - Powerline Vegetation Control


Qualification Description

Form the skills and knowledge to work in the electricity supply industry (ESI) as a Powerline Vegetation Control Worker.

Discover how to work in operational roles of planning and carrying out vegetation control at and above ground level near live electrical apparatus. It also includes complying with relevant legislation, applicable industry guidelines, codes of practices or other related requirements for safe work and access near live electrical and mechanical apparatus.

The skills and knowledge described within the units in this qualification may require a licence or permit to practice in the workplace.

Additional and/or other conditions may also apply under state and territory legislative and regulatory licensing requirements which must be confirmed prior to commencing the qualification.


Duration is typically 10 Days


DNA Training Solutions Pty Ltd proudly provides quality Nationally Recognised Training with Thoughtplanters (Australia) Pty Ltd RTO 40739

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  • Core Units
  • Elective Streams
  • Assessment Methods
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Career Opportunities

By successfully completing the Certificate II in ESI - Powerline Vegetation Control you can choose the stream at the time of enrolment that can result in potential career opportunities within the industry. 


  • ESI Assessor
  • Ground Crew
  • Cutter Working From EWP
  • Specialist Plant Operator
  • Tree Climber
  • Network VESI Worker
  • Subcontractor
  • Council Vegetation Management Worker


Please contact us about the additional Elective options that you can add onto the CORE Units, Industry Requirements and Ground Crew Electives to help guide you in the right career direction.

The following accredited and non-accredited units of competency are included in the base course pricing


Core Units

  1. UEENEEE101A Apply Occupational Health and Safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace
  2. UETTDREL13 Comply with sustainability, environmental and incidental response policies and procedures
  3. UETTDREL14 Working safely as a non-electrical worker near live electrical apparatus
  4. UETTDRVC23 Plan the removal of vegetation up to vegetation exclusion zone near live electrical apparatus
  5. UETTDRVC27 Monitor safety compliance for vegetation work near live electrical apparatus
  6. AHCMOM213 - Operate and maintain chainsaws


Industry Required Training 

  1. UETTDRRF10 - Provide first aid in an ESI environment
  2. HLTAID001 Provide CPR
  3. PUAWHS002 – Maintain Safety at an incident scene


VESI Training Inclusions

Learners have the option of selecting to do the additional VESI essential subjects during their course

  1. UETTDRRF01 - Apply ESI safety rules, codes of practice and procedures for work on or near electrical apparatus (Green Book / Blue book) – this is mapped to core units & inclusive
  2. VESI Safety Framework
  3. VESI Environmental Framework
  4. Safe Approach Distances – Vegetation Work
  5. Safe to Approach SWER
  6. Manual Handling


GROUND CREW Elective Stream

  1. AHCCHM201 - Apply chemicals under supervision
  2. UETTDRVC33 - Apply pruning techniques to vegetation control near live electrical
  3. UETTDRVC31 - Operate specialist equipment at ground level near live electrical apparatus
  4. FWPHAR2206 - Operate a mobile chipper/mulcher (Cert II ESI Core Unit)
  5. AHCMOM304 – Operate machinery and equipment
  6. UETTDRVC33 - Apply pruning techniques to vegetation control near live electrical



You can Choose to add on to your Individual Training Plan with the following Streams when you enrol in UET20319 Certificate II in ESI – Powerline Vegetation Control



  • RIIWHS205E Control traffic with stop-slow bat
  • RIIWHS302E Implement traffic management plans



  • UETTDRRF08 - Perform EWP controlled descent escape
  • UETTDRRF03 - Perform EWP Rescue
  • UETTDRVC25 - Use elevated platform to cut vegetation above ground level near live electrical apparatus


TREE CLIMBING Elective Stream

  • UETTDRVC21 Use climbing techniques to cut vegetation above ground near live electrical apparatus
  • UETTDRVC34 Undertake release and rescue from a tree near live electrical apparatus
  • AHCARB319 Undertake standard climbing techniques
  • AHCARB311 Tie, dress, set and finish arborist knots


ASSESSOR Elective Stream

  • AHCPCM201 Recognise plants
  • UETTDRVC24 Assess vegetation and recommend control measures in an ESI environment

Our Objective

At DNA Training Solutions we have designed the theory and practical methods of assessment to help meet the Australian Qualification Framework.

We have tailored our training and assessment strategy to focus on the employability skills to help aid you in your career development.


Assessment Methods include:

  • Written Questions
  • Questions and Answers
  • Role Plays and Scenario Case Studies
  • Practical Observations


Our online learning portal allows you to work through the tasks at your own pace.


On successful completion of the 10 Core and Elective Units excluding any addtional Selected Elective Streams you will receive a Certificate and Statement of Attainment certifying your completion of the National Recognised Training. 


Our Issuance Policy requires accounts to be paid in full prior to the Certificate being Issued. 


For further information contact our team at admin@dnatraining.com.au


DNA Training Solutions works in auspice agreement with Thoughtplanters RTO 40739. Statements of Attainment and Certificates are issued through Thoughtplanters as Nationally Recognised Training


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Training Locations

When you enrol in Certificate II in ESI - Powerline Vegetation Control you will be provide with access to our e-learning portal.

You can complete your theory anytime anywhere. You don't have to sit in a classroom!

You will be able to access our Trainers and Assessors through the e-learning portal.

We offer LLN support to help guide you through your learning journey with us. 

Once you have finished your theory you will automatically be sent a notification of the next scheduled Practical training location for each unit of competency. 


Practical Location

Our Trainers and Assessors take you hands on out into the field to apply your knowledge and form your skills in operating chainsaws.


Macclesfield Training Location


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